Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Jose!

Name: Jose B.

Position: Field Service Technician

Jose joined our Field Crew team at the beginning of 2017 and quickly showed us why he was going to be a great addition. From the start, his strong work ethic and reliability were easy to recognize. He quickly picked up on the skills needed to get customers installed with our wireless Internet service.  Jose has steadily progressed in troubleshooting Internet connection issues, configuring home networks and conducting site surveys. His easy going and polite personality has always been appreciated with our customers, as they can tell he cares that their needs and interests are being taken care of. Jose continues to show growth in the field on a daily basis and is ready for more responsibilities.  He’s been a great addition to not only our Field Service team, but to the company as a whole. We are excited for what the future holds for Jose here at OACYS.

Outside of work, Jose spends much of his time with his wife and 3 young children. Originally from Argentina, Jose grew up playing and watching soccer and baseball. He played both sports in high school at Monache and still follows the Argentinian sports team and the NY Yankees. His biggest passion however is music. He grew up around a family full of musicians and has enjoyed playing the drums and guitar since his childhood.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Isamar!

Name: Isamar P.

Position: Customer Service Representative

Starting in December of 2017, Isamar is our most recent hire but her hard work and desire to learn has quickly helped her become a great asset to our customer service team.  From the start, she hasn’t hesitated at helping customers with payments, troubleshooting connection issues and making sure our customers feel like their needs are being taken care of.  Isamar continues to take on new roles, such as helping with new service inquiries and following up with recently installed customers to make sure everything is working well for them.  As a company that prides itself on great customer service and making sure our customers are taken care of, we feel like Isamar fits in great here! We are excited to see the progress Isamar has made in such a short time and excited for her future with us.

Isamar keeps herself busy outside of work by spending time with her daughter, fiancé and her fun and crazy family. They enjoy weekend BBQ’s and love going to Six Flags Magic Mountain. During the summer, you can find them at the beach, camping or on the road looking for new lakes to visit. Family has and always will be very important to Isa, something her grandparents insisted on, hoping the family would remain as close as possible.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Crystian!

Name: Crystian C.

Position: Field Operations Manager

Crystian has been with OACYS since 2007.  He started as a wireless field technician installing client radios on a daily basis.  As the company grew, Crystian advanced quickly as he worked on tower projects and in short order took on the responsibility of Tower Operations Manager to oversee the large network of radios used to serve wireless Internet across the valley.  He is also the OACYS Field Ops Manager, supervising our install crews as well as tower crews.  Chris is a very sharp technician, and in addition to all of the above responsibilities he is a Senior Network Engineer that sets up and works with all of our core routers and switches.  When there is a problem that can’t be resolved by the rest of the team, Chris dives in and quickly gets to the bottom of the issue to get it resolved.  Chris is a great asset to our company in many different ways, and we look forward to at least another 11 years with him in our management team.

Outside of work, Crystian’s hobbies and interests usually include his wife, son and extended family. He likes having his family over to enjoy game nights, playing soccer and volleyball together and of course BBQ. While he’s busy mixing new spices together for a new rub, he’s cheering on the SF Giants. When time permits, Crystian and his family enjoying heading out of town to San Francisco to catch a game in person and enjoy walking around the city.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Ava!

Name: Ava M.

Position: Customer Accounting Specialist

In February of 2017, Ava joined our team as a customer service representative. Ava came with little experience in the technology world but it wasn’t long before she was answering phones and helping customers with whatever need they had whether it be taking payments or troubleshooting an Internet issue. Ava has proved to be a great asset to the company, she is always up to the challenge of learning new things and helping out wherever she is needed. She is great at multitasking. Aside from her duties in customer service, she also works in the accounting department and has taken on many tasks such as processing paperwork that comes in from service calls to new installs. She also helps out with invoicing, processing payments and keeping account information up to date. We are glad to have Ava as part of our team and look forward to seeing her advance in the years to come.

As a mother of two young children, it is no surprise that life outside of the office revolves around her family.  She loves spending time with her son and daughter, watching them get bigger by the day. Between chasing them around and busy days at the office, Ava enjoys being able to catch up on her favorite shows or enjoy some quiet time reading. Between a good show or a good book, a little quiet time to herself allows her to relax and unwind.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Martin!

Name: Martin K.

Position: Consulting Services Manager

Martin has been with OACYS for almost 3 years, and since that time he has risen from a consulting technician into our Consulting Services Manager.  He started at OACYS with a good background in IT and phone service, and quickly learned OACYS services and our “go the extra mile” philosophy.  He works directly with our business clients daily to keep their servers and networks running smoothly, while also coordinating his consulting crew and providing them the support they need to resolve any problem at client locations.  Martin also oversees our voice service department, ensuring our Hosted Voice clients have a phone solution customized to their business needs.  Martin is a key member of the OACYS team and management, and we look forward too many more years of his excellent work ethic.

When Martin gets some much-deserved down time, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his daughter and family. When he has time for a little adventure, his go to spot is in the mountains. You can count on finding him up there during hunting season or shooting with his friends in order to get ready for the season.  If he isn’t in the mountains shooting, there’s a good chance he’s out on the golf course hunting birdies.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Sergio!

Name: Sergio M.

Position: Field Service Coordinator

Sergio is approaching his 4-year anniversary working here at OACYS and has been a big asset to our Field Service Division since day one. He quickly progressed through the training phase and soon took lead on one of our field crew teams. As we began expanding that department, Sergio was tasked with training new employees and helped show them the ropes. He eventually moved from the field crew into a coordinating position where he now works directly under our Field Operations Manager. In this role, he helps keep a pulse on the health of our wireless network and pinpoints customers connections that need a service call to ensure the quality and reliability of our wireless network. Sergio has also become one of our primary tower climbers and spends a lot of his time adding and maintaining wireless equipment at our tower sites.

Spending time with his wife and two daughters is Sergio’s main focus when he’s off work.  They enjoy spending time together outdoors, whether that is camping or over at the coast.  One of their other favorite places to go together is Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor. Typical for a tower climber, his favorite rides are the highest roller coasters. For a little more relaxing experience, Sergio enjoys spending time playing games at home with his family and friends.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Jon!

Name: Jon B.

Position: Consulting Technician

In October of 2016, we brought Jon onboard to join our IT Consulting team.  He brought with him experience in networking, cabling and an appetite to learn.  It didn’t take long to see he also had a great work ethic. He quickly became someone we could rely on to get work done. He has taken on roles in several different types of projects, ranging from rewiring networking closets, setting up internal wireless networks to installing both residential and business phone service.  He’s also become a certified tower climber and has been involved in some of our recent tower work. His skill in construction has been a great asset around the office which has made him one of our go-to-guys to take on miscellaneous projects here. With a great work ethic and the willingness to take on any role, we are excited to see him put that to use for all the future consulting projects that will come his way.

Staying true to the theme of fixing things at work, Jon also enjoys remodeling projects at home or for his family.  His attention is also focused on spending time with his wife and four children, which range between the age of 13 and 6. They enjoy relaxing and watching movies together, as well as heading to the beach to spend time together. If any other spare time pops up, Jon just might be able to sneak off to the golf course to enjoy a round of golf.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Diane!

Name: Diane P.

Position: Bookkeeper

This month we are celebrating the 17-year anniversary for Diane joining our OACYS team! Diane has spent the past 17 years helping out in finance department overseeing payment entries, handling billing, invoicing and payroll.  Throughout the years she’s been a reliable source of information for our customer service department to help answer any questions customers have about billing and account information.  Diane has been an amazing employee for so long, we wouldn’t know what to do without her! She has a keen eye for making sure our books are balanced and has helped keep track of every penny earned and spent over all these years. It’s also no secret that she has good eye for picking the winning lottery scratchers as well!  It goes without saying that words can’t express the gratitude we share for Diane for all the years of service and loyalty she has given to the company.

Diane’s biggest enjoyment outside of work is spending time with her family.  She has four grand children that she is very close with and enjoys keeping up with their activities.  Between school and sports events, she always has something planned throughout the week that keeps her on the go. When she does have free time or looking to get away, she enjoys taking road trips with the family to either the mountains or over to the coast.

Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Jose!

Name: Jose M.

Position: Consulting Technician

Jose has the been part of the family here since July of 2017 and has proven to be a quick learner. Fresh out of school, Jose quickly took what he learned in the classroom and under guidance from the rest of our consulting department, began applying that knowledge in the field. He continues to jump at the opportunity to get in on a project and help our customers at their homes or business.  When Jose isn’t out in the field fixing routing issues, internal network problems and computer issues, he’s a big help to our customer service department. He helps take calls and works on more complex support calls dealing with a client’s router configuration or connectivity issues.  Although Jose has only been with us for a short period of time, we are excited about his future here with us and look forward to seeing to him continue his steady growth as a consulting technician.

Growing up, Jose and his family traveled a lot to visit relatives in Mexico. He enjoyed that time together and likes spending his time away from work by hanging out with friends and family. Whether it is around a bonfire, at the beach or playing board games, he considers it time well spent. Jose also loves playing volleyball and has a competitive spirit when it’s game time.  When he’s looking for something a little less competitive he enjoys video games, collecting old comic books and creative writing.


Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Melody!

Name: Melody R.

Position: Customer Support Technician

At the end of 2015, we were looking to expand our customer support team and were hoping to find someone that had a genuine interest in technology that could help troubleshoot and fix computer issues that customers may have.  We brought Melody on board and she filled that need perfectly. Over the past couple of years, she has been the ultimate team player by helping out in both in our shop department as well as our customer support team. From answering phones, troubleshooting router issues, fixing computers and signing up new customers, Melody has done it all. She’s never been shy to help out where needed and continues to take the initiative to always push herself to learn and keep up with the latest advances in technology. As we continue to grow as a company, we know our current and future customers will be in good hands when Melody is helping out.

Melody has now called Porterville home for the past few years after having lived in three different states in the past seven years.  During her free time from work, a lot of her time is focused on her 9-year-old daughter.  She also enjoys quiet time, getting lost in a good book or playing her favorite video games.  Spending time playing music or practicing yoga has been her go to for unwinding after a long day at work. She also would like to get back into painting small figurines for tabletop games.