OACYS TECHNOLOGY is a 32-year company, founded in 1982 to develop and deploy computer solutions.

Based in a semi-rural community, the company is long accustomed to operating independently and developing self-reliant solutions with minimal external dependencies. We are privately-held, locally-owned by the original founders, and have been fiscally sound for more than two decades - no small achievement in the aftermath of so many ISP washouts, dot-com collapses, and Wall Street technology upheavals.

OACYS (pronounced like "oasis") can offer comprehensive wireless consulting services and solutions to communities , ISPs, and other entities interested in the deployment of wireless Internet operations using the FCC Part 15 unlicensed 2.4 and 5.x GHz frequency bands.



OACYS is a long-time independent ISP and WISP, with no ties to any specific vendor or methodology. We have developed our own solutions to address and manage substantial competition and adversity, and we continue to do so in the course of our own daily operations.

OACYS does not sell equipment or systems, we offer only our expertise. We share insights into our real-world experience, the lessons we have learned, and hands-on "how-to" solutions that can help avoid reinventing the wheel and/or wasting time in costly detours. In most cases we've been there and done that, learning new and often expensive lessons as we've progressed.

For our consulting clients we explain step-by-step what we have done, why we have done it, and how to do what we did (or would do or avoid) to resolve any of the many challenges facing today's independent ISP/WISPS who are interested in winning their own battles and wars.

Does OACYS promote consulting work? Not at all. Actually, we do not advertise and we cannot accept all requests for our consulting services. We evaluate each situation to determine whether we can actually provide a tangible service, and if not we decline to accept the project. We have an established ISP/WISP business to run and we cannot afford to engage in projects that are not properly related to our areas of expertise, or where we cannot see a reasonable wireless solution.



In 1995 OACYS added ISP (Internet Service Provider) capabilities, building in-house network operation centers with primary and redundant backup circuits in support of commercial operations.

In 1999 and 2000, following a series of telco-related problems hindering the deployment of DSL, OACYS abandoned DSL as a community broadband solution and moved decisively into the wireless arena.

OACYS is our community's original and largest ISP and WISP, delivering reliable high-speed service to a wide range of clients including municipal, health care, educational, commercial-business, and consumer-residential accounts.

The first new challenge faced was the transition from a largely in-house ISP operation to the management of wireless field surveys, rooftop and premises installations, and customer service calls. Screwdrivers in the shop were supplemented by trucks and ladders and power drills in the field. Entirely new procedures for managing onsite appointment scheduling were developed. Service plans to cover initial equipment costs and ongoing site maintenance had to be worked out and implemented. And, everything had to be integrated into our existing automated account management software and procedures, all of which were developed internally.

Next, a number of competing wireless services arrived, introducing the new spectre of uncontrolled interference from both FHSS "hoppers" and near-channel and often over-amplified DSSS players. At the same time, increasing wireless subscriber counts began to exhibit performance issues which had been unanticipated and/or undisclosed by equipment vendors.

In the course of resolving these issues and many additional challenges, OACYS has developed operating solutions and procedures that continue to keep us in the lead. The OACYS wireless subscriber count and aggregate bandwidth traffic exceeds all of our competitors combined, including one who claims to be the nation's eighth largest wireless service provider. We don't make such claims, but we view that company as a smaller competitor.



OACYS is extremely independent, and we develop and engineer as many of our own solutions as possible. Listed here are a few examples...

  • Our approach to affordable customer wireless plans was imaginative and a first of its kind.

  • OACYS has implemented multiple methods for efficient management of excessive bandwidth usage.

  • After mixed experiences with packaged solutions from wireless vendors, we moved to OEM radio components and added our own design modifications. We work with manufacturers' alpha and beta programs to help develop and test improved solutions.

  • We have designed and deployed OACYS mastmount units to eliminate lengthy RF cable runs, which reduce signal and performance.

  • OACYS mastmount units permit remote central management of our entire customer network, reducing the need for onsite service calls and making network configuration changes and troubleshooting far more efficient.

  • OACYS network engineers created system control scripts to automate continuous performance monitoring, identify developing issues before they become problems, and alert technicians when attention is required.

  • Reliance on outside services for tower work contribute to unacceptable delays when antenna changes, adjustments, tests, or maintenance is required. To improve on this, OACYS sent our wireless field technicians through OSHA-approved tower climbing certification and invested in a wide array of tower safety equipment.

  • OACYS routinely uses spectrum analyzers and sophisticated software to monitor and respond quickly to sources of interference, and we have organized a community consortium to help address and deal with rapidly increasing competitive issues.



OACYS is available for wireless consulting at either our facilities or the client's. Fees are based on rates of $750 per day per engineer, plus expenses when travel is required. Quotes can be prepared following an initial project suitability review, which is done at no charge in many cases. Opportunities also exist in selected areas for franchise operations with OACYS technical management. Please contact us for more information regarding any of our wireless consulting services.



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