Employment Policies

  • Positions. Virtually all primary positions at OCS are in reality some combination of all positions. Job functions are broadly defined, with the result that knowledge is expanded and shared and crossover promotions are accomplished more efficiently.
  • Professionalism. All OCS employees are expected to assist other company team members as required, and to always represent the company professionally and courteously in the community and when dealing with customers.
  • Confidentiality. All OCS company and customer information is extremely sensitive and confidential and may not be shared or divulged outside the company either verbally or in any printed or electronic form for any reason without specific written and signed authorization by an officer of the company.
  • Residency. All OCS employees are expected to live in the general Porterville area. Commuting a reasonable distance and telecommuting options may be available on an individual-case basis, providing job requirements can still be met.
  • Smoking. OCS is a non-smoking company. Smoking inside our offices, in company vehicles, or on any customer premises is not permitted.
  • Dress Code. The company dress and appearance code is casual but neat and always professional. Specific details will be explained to new employees.
  • Benefits. HSA (Health Savings Account) options are under current review.
  • Flex-Time. Vacation and sick time are unspecified, since the company’s flex-schedule and hourly pay structure permits time off for any reason at any time, providing only that job requirements are covered and company responsibilities are met and maintained.
  • Advancement. Promotions and/or raises may be awarded periodically on a combination of merit, longevity, relative status compared to other employees, peer and supervisor reports, and company requirements and resources. Raises are not awarded on any specific schedule or on the basis of longevity alone.
  • Equal Opportunity. OACYS Technology is an equal opportunity employer.

Please see also Positions for additional information related to these Policies.

All employment information is current as of March 23, 2020, and is subject to change without notice. No job offers or contracts or agreements are implied by any information provided herein.