Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Alexander!

Name: Alexander C.

Position: Field Service Technician

In July of 2016, Alexander joined our team as a Field Service Technician. Alexander had experience of working onsite at customers locations, networking and making sure customers felt like they were being taken care of. His outgoing, friendly personality has been a great addition to our team and helped him quickly fit in with our team and bond with customers.  His love for cars made him jump at the opportunity to volunteer as our fleet manager to make sure all of our work vehicles are running smoothing and stay up to date with maintenance. Alexander’s work ethic and reliability has made him a great asset to our team as well as to our customers. We look forward to seeing him continue to climb the company ladder and have plans to add him to our tower crew in the very near future.

Alexander moved to the United States from Russia in 1995 and grew up in the country on a small farm in Terra Bella, where he learned to work hard, appreciate nature and respect others. Perhaps one of the reason’s Alexander makes such a good field service technician is his genuine enjoyment for being outdoors.  In his free time, Alexander spends as much time as he can enjoying nature with his family and friends by camping, hunting, fishing and hiking.