Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Erica!

Name: Erica T.

Position: Customer Service Representative

Erica joined our team at the end of 2015 and was quick to show what a valuable asset she would be in our customer service department. She didn’t have a background in technology, but her attitude and willingness to learn was what made us think she’d be a perfect fit for our team. From day one she didn’t disappoint as she quickly began helping customers with troubleshooting computer and connection issues. She recently been promoted to a coordinator position that oversees the daily tasks that our customer service department handles on a daily basis. As our team has continued to grow, we’ve brought on more customer service representatives to help with the workload and Erica has helped oversee their training and has helped set a great example for the team. Its safe to say that we are excited to see what the future holds for Erica here at OACYS.

When Erica gets a break from her work schedule, her free time greatly revolves around her family, which includes her two young children Adrian and Evelynn Rose and her husband Salvador.  Erica is a great mom and even while not at work, she’s on the go, keeping up with her kid’s school and sports schedules throughout the week.  When she does have time to unwind, she enjoys spending time watching movies with her family or painting.