Fiber Deployment Update

A lot has happened since August, when we announced our plans to deploy Fiber Internet to the Porterville area and we wanted to give everyone an update! The first phase of this project resulted in nearly 3 miles worth of fiber laid underground that extended to the south west side of Porterville. The construction phase was completed on December 31st and soon after, we began the second phase of our build-out.

The fiber deployment to the southwest part of town allowed us to create 20 separate Service Zones that would soon be available to get Fiber Internet service. Each zone allows individual neighborhoods to sign up for service and once enough interest is generated by those that live in the area, we will be able to begin construction and begin serving them.  The second phase of our build-out expanded back towards the center of Porterville where we opened up five additional Service Zones.

If you are interested in getting Fiber Internet in your neighborhood, visit and fill out a survey. These surveys are how we decide which neighborhoods will get service first! The fastest way to get service in your neighborhood is to tell your neighbors and make sure they fill out a survey too! Be sure to sign up as a neighborhood champion, we have flyers, business cards and door hangers you can pass out to those who live near you. The best part about our champion service is that not only can you help get Fiber into your neighborhood sooner, but you’ll also get discounts on the installation!

Our second phase of construction is due to be completed around the end of March.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop on all the latest news and updates on the progress of this project. We will continue to announce new zones throughout Porterville where our Fiber Internet will be available next!