OACYS Celebrates 35 Years of Business

Company Timeline

Event: OACYS 35th Anniversary Party

Where: OACYS Technology | 767 N. Porter Rd. Porterville, CA

When: Friday October 20th, 2017 | 11:00am to 1:00pm

What to Expect: Join us for free lunch, drinks, giveaways and raffle prizes and help us celebrate our 35th Anniversary!

We look forward to hosting friends, families, old and new customers, along with everyone else that would like to join the OACYS team as we celebrate an amazing 35 year journey. With events such as this one, we like to look back at some of the milestones that were accomplished within the organization and community.

1982 – Business Opens – Originally known as Olson Computer Services, business began 1982, marking 2017 as our 35th year serving the central valley.  As the computer business was barely in its infancy stages, OCS was specializing in agricultural payroll and accounting software. As the years and needs began to change, OCS continued to adapt to the latest technology and provide solutions for the needs of our local communities.

1995 – Local Dialup Offered – When the opportunity presented itself to establish Porterville’s first ISP, we didn’t hesitate. In 1995, when the nearest Internet connection was a 300-mile toll call away, OACYS pioneered the community’s first local Internet service.

2001 – High Speed Wireless Internet – The demand for faster Internet was increasing, and at the time DSL was the only option for those who were in range to get it. In 2001, OACYS introduced high-speed broadband to the area without the need for phone lines while providing faster speeds than DSL and service to areas not within the reach of DSL.

2006 – VoIP Phone Service – In 2006, we took our great customer service that our Internet subscribers were accustomed to and applied it to providing home phone service.  We became the first local Voice-over-IP service provider by offering phone service to our subscriber base.  We provided true local numbers, unlimited local and long distance calling with quality customer service at a much lower price than traditional phone lines.

2012 – Managed IT Services – OACYS was providing consulting to businesses for networking, hardware, and IT solutions since the early years of the company, but in 2012 we leveraged this experience to offer a solution with 24×7 proactive monitoring, security patching, and compliance assistance.  We’ve continued to grow our team of IT engineers to help our customers focus on their primary business while we worry about their network and computers.

2014 – Wireless Bandwidth Priority System – In December 2014, we announced the exciting results of a project that had been in long development at OACYS that eliminated overage fees and replaced them with a guideline priority system. Subscribers who keep bandwidth usage below their plan-type guidelines are ensured priority Internet access during peak usage times – similar to having access to the car pool lane during freeway rush hour traffic.

2017 – 35th Anniversary – We’ve all come a very long way over the past 35 years and we couldn’t have done it without such a terrific team here at OACYS Technology, or without so many loyal and supportive long-time customers. Our thanks and heartfelt appreciation is extended to each and every one of you! While it’s fun to look back at all that we have accomplished, it’s even more exciting to look forward to our current plans that we have in the works, both in the near and long term future!